Fairy Molds



  "Chrystal" consists of three new molds by Doreen. Chrystal has a beautiful kneeling body, Chrystals  new 3/4 length arm mold and the head mold, which contains 2 different heads. One with open eyes and the other with eyes looking down.  She is shown above with 25C Iron On Transfers  in Gold outline.  

Click here to see more pictures of Chrystal and to order the Chrystal molds separately.

Chrystal 3 Mold Set: $154.00                            Includes 2 different faces, Chrystal kneeling Body and her new 3/4  length arms.  ($4.50 mold weight charge will be added upon checkout) 


Our tiny 2 1/2" fairy mold has a moveable head on an all porcelain body. The arms and legs assemble with pipe cleaners. She is shown sitting and flying and is wearing Wings made with our
25D Iron On Transfers Fairy Faye can also be used as a 1/2" scale lady. Lady dress pattern No.24 is sold separately.

Price:$46.00 (Mold weight charge of $1.50 will be added)

Click here to see an enlarged picture of Ittsy Bittsy. 2002 Sinnett
A new 2 1/4" tall original sculpture by Doreen. "Ittsy Bittsy" is 2 1/4" tall and as delicate as can be! She fits into any size Egg as a darling "Ittsy Bittsy" Lady or an "Ittsy Bittsy" Fairy or fantasy figure. (Ittsy Bittsy is shown with Doreens, slightly taller, 2 1/2" tall "Fairy Faye"..

"Ittsy Bittsy"
Mold price: $46.00

($1.50 Mold weight charge will be added)

2 1/2" long loveable baby. Moveable head and arms. The legs attach with wet slip at the knees, allowing for a slightly different position for each one. She is shown with our Iron on Butterfly wings 25F. (Fairy Baby is not 1" to 1' scale)

$39.00 (Mold weight charge of $1.50 will be added)

Our very popular 4" fairy with full length porcelain body, moveable head, arms, and legs that attach with pipecleaners. She is dressed with flower petals and silk ribbons. She is shown with our Iron On Butterfly Wing transfer 25E.

$46.00 (Mold weight charge of $1.50 will be added)

Arial is our 5 1/2" fairy or dollhouse lady with an exotic face. She has an all porcelain body, and moveable head. The legs attach with wet slip and the arms are attached with pipe cleaners, or they can also be attached with wet slip. There is no pattern for the clothes. She is shown with our Iron On Butterfly Wing Transfer 25C.  Fairy Faye is shown to her right. Fairy Faye is our 2 1/2" tall 1/2" scale, lady. She also makes a beautiful little fairy.

Arial Mold Price: $95.00
(Mold weight charge of $1.75 will be added)

Receive a 20% discount on Mold orders over $300.!!  Indicate your discount in the "Special Instructions" box on the "Order Form".

Doreens new 2nd Edition catalog, released February 2004.

Our 16 page, color catalog includes all of Doreens products.
From molds, clothing patterns, pre waved hair,
butterfly wing transfers and elastics.

Catalog $6.00 ppd


  copyright 2003 Sinnett  

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