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Full Length Porcelain
Dollhouse Molds

"Taylor Family"

Arial                                          Baby J Mold                         Baby Precious Mold

Soft Body Dollhouse Molds
(Head on torso molds)

Celeste II                                    Brett Mold                            
James Mold
Monique Mold
Albert Mold
Scarlett Mold
Ethel Mold
Samuel Mold
Liam Mold
Rebecca Mold

Arm & Leg Molds

(Arm & Leg molds for our Soft Body               Doll molds above.)
Lisette Arm & Legs                
(Pumps with high heels, pretty hands)
Mans Arm & Leg Mold
Rebecca's Arm & Leg Mold
Monique Leg Mold
(High heel boots)
Ethel Arm & Leg Mold
Albert Hand Mold
1700's Leg Mold

Blank Dollhouse Kits

"Vivian" Blank Porcelain Kit

"Bonnie" Blank Porcelain Kit

(Cabinet Dolls Below)
Cabinet Dolls
5 1/2" to 6" Tall

Pouty Head Mold
S&H 1078 Head Mold
Bru Head Mold
LFJ Head Mold
Circle Dot Bru Head Mold
A.M. 310 Just Me Head
All Porcelain "Body M" Mold
and 5-pc poseable "Body L" Mold and Patterns.


Cabinet Dolls 4" Tall

Pouty & S&H Head Mold
L.J. & L.F.J. Head Mold
S&H & Bru Head Mold
9-pc "Body A" Mold
and 5-pc "Body B" Mold
and Patterns.



Cabinet Dolls 3 1/2" and Smaller

Hilda & K*R Heads, Mold
5-pc all porcelain "Body W" Mold
Baby Hilda Mold
Tina Mold
and Dee Dee Mold

Fantasy Doll Molds

Mr. & Mrs. Santa
Wee Woody Elf Mold
Sweet Sugar Mold
Baby Precious Mold
Fairy Twinkles Mold
Ittsy Bittsy Mold
Minnie Mermaid Mold
Bitty Ballerina Mold
Arial Mold (as a Mermaid & Fairy)
and Angelica Mold

Fairy Molds from
2 1/2" to 5 1/2" Tall

Fairy Faye Mold
Fairy Baby Mold
Fairy Twinkles Mold
Ittsy Bittsy Mold
and Arial Mold

8 New 2003  MOLDS

Sculptured by Doreen Sinnett.

Bonnie & Lisette heads   
Scarlett & Celeste heads  Clark & Allan heads       LadiesBodyB1Mold             
Ladies Body B2 Mold

Mans Body B3Mold Celeste II Head on Torso Brett Head on Torso 

Special prices on Mold Sets

"Taylor Family" special
4" "W" and "W2" special
6" Cabinet Doll special.
4" Cabinet Doll special.

Clothing Patterns
These patterns fit miniature 1" to 1' scale dollhouse dolls. They are illustrated with complete, easy to follow, instructions.

Pre-waved Hair & Tiny Wigs
Doreens very popular pre waved hair to make your own wigs. This hair has been available for the last 15 years!  Also, NEW, premade Wigs to fit Dollhouse Dolls. 6 Styles and colors to choose from!

See and attend Doreens Shows!
From Miniature shows to Ceramic Doll shows in Oregon, California, Washington, Chicago and Arizona! Come see us!

2003 Sinnett

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